Be Our Agent

Be your own boss and work from home on your own schedule. Sign up for our TROPIKA Agents program to enjoy all benefits:

  • High profit margins: You will earn 30% - 50% commission on all products sold (depending on the package you bought).
  • Easy to sell: TROPIKA is one of the best known brands among Malaysian mothers which makes it easy to sell. Our natural baby products are always in demand.
  • Repeatable: TROPIKA customers use the products on a daily basis so when they run out they become repeat customers and come back to re-stock as well as try new products.
  • High quality of products: TROPIKA use 100% natural and high quality ingredients in all products.
  • HQ Support: TROPIKA HQ has a great support system to help you start up your own business with TROPIKA.
  • Pick & Mix: You can pick and mix any of TROPIKA products to suit your own business needs (subject to availability).
  • No membership fee: You do not have to pay for a registration / membership fee to become our agent.
  • No monthly purchase: There is no monthly maintenance meaning you do not have to buy products every month (buy only when you need). You just have to purchase minimum package to be entitled for the discount.
  • Company strength: TROPIKA has a GMP TRADITIONAL certified factory granted by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. We also have our own distribution company in United Kingdom (TROPIKA UK LIMITED), responsible for distributing TROPIKA products in UK and Europe.

TROPIKA Business Packages

TROPIKA offers three types of packages with various commissions between 30% - 50%. You can choose any package that suits your budget.
How to be TROPIKA agent?
It is easy to get started with TROPIKA. All you have to do is just complete the form and we will get in touch with you.